Saturday, November 15, 2003

went to see matrix revolutions today... it was better than reloaded, which tended to be a bit slow at times. reloaded was mostly exposition; revolutions is mainly fight scenes. again, lots of eye candy, with big armored shrikes like on blue gender or any anime with killer robot suits. i would almost go so far as to call revolutions a mindless action movie, except it required two full movies' worth of exposition to build up to that point, so it's not all that mindless. the original is still the best though.

a few days ago kelly sent out an email looking for decoration ideas for the nov 22 show; i suggested i could do a couple poster-sized collage pieces, since i'd been saving a few big pieces of cardboard i received on the back of posters i'd bought. (i have a big vacant area on the wall above my bed that i've been saving for something special, anyway.) the first collage is almost finished; there are a few more spots where i could put something else, but no more spots where i'd feel bad if i don't fill them in. it'll probably be done tonight (or, at least, i'll set it aside as "done" & if i find anything that's just perfect for it i'll add it later). then i get to start on the next one; i feel like i need to finish two at least (there just isn't time to make three before the show).

tomorrow i get to go out fliering. i can't really tell if fliering actually helps for our shows; after all we still don't really explain on the flier what kind of show it is. but i think i should at least drop some at the "big" indie record stores (namely the ones i go to): indy cd, missing link, luna... maybe vibes.

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