Saturday, November 08, 2003

i got my first dadaistic "noise" voicemail on my cellphone today. the call apparently came from the 861 area code & i didn't recognize the number. when i tried to call that number, i got an error. plus i've had no luck finding where area code 861 is. so the main theory is that it was a calling card. so while i have some pretty good ideas about who left the message, i won't really know until i ask around...

i went through all my cables & stuff looking for my micromini adapter so i could record the message to my hard drive. (i bought an adapter awhile ago for use with my family radios, & i suspect it would fit the cellphone as well.) no dice. so now i need to get to radio shack to get another one. i have terrible luck with cables & adapters. somehow i lose at least 1-2 cables every show i play. or so it seems.

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