Monday, November 03, 2003

apparently i don't get to vote this year. even though we only moved a few blocks, we're in a new precinct now & i forgot to file the new address paperwork to get registered here. this is the problem you get into when your family knows all the people who work in your voting precinct; they already know we moved so if we showed up they'd know we were cheating.

it's a shame because i got all fired up by the thread on imn about how mayor bart peterson's "war on raves" & other anti-art police state tactics fly in the face of his claims about "supporting the arts". i don't really think the republican would be much better, so i likely would've voted libertarian, but it would have felt good to vote against bart regardless. at least i have plenty of time to make sure i'm registered to vote bush out in 2k4.

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