Monday, November 03, 2003

i'm growing really sick of all my work assignments having to be done immediately... i was just brought at least 1/2 hour's worth of work & was told it must be turned over today... never mind that i'm getting hassled about a different project with similarly unreasonable dates (dates which would be nearly impossible to hit even without other things constantly coming in that have to be done now now now)

everyone in front of me can have all the time in the world to twiddle their asses before doing their work, but naturally i don't have that kind of leeway. once it comes to me, i must do it right away to make up for all that time everyone else wasted.

sure, i spend time goofing off (like writing this blog entry), but jesus... we're talking about stuff that should've been done weeks ago, but instead it's only showing up today, which means now i need to do it all today. that only means i won't get to do the other pressing work, which only means i'm going to get nagged more, all because other people have let these files sit around on their desktops collecting e-dust.

oh yeah, & now i have to rush to get the crap done on time, which means the quality is going to suffer that much more...

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