Wednesday, November 12, 2003

few could deny that being a sheriff or sheriff's deputy is a stressful job. i guess a great way to relieve job stress is gettin' it on with a prostitute. especially if it's one woman in particular, so it seems.

a marion county sheriff's deputy was fired yesterday for protecting & serving up a heapin' helpin' of hotel sex with a hooker. this is the second sheriff's deputy to get nabbed for hiring the same whore!

it makes me wonder just what kind of magical charms this modern-day mata hari might possess. is she just a woman who shakes her moneymaker at local truck stops & sleeps with cops? or is she a mover & shaker of a more subversive political bent? maybe she's trying to solve the problems of our shoddy legal system, one blowjob at a time. stop police brutality by getting the cops laid! hey, maybe that's not such a bad idea...

or maybe she's just really hot, so desirable that even the purest man of virtue would succumb to her advances. the photo of her run by the indy star isn't particularly flattering, but then it's probably a mug shot. i can see how she might be pretty cute in person. or then again, maybe cops just love to blow off a little "steam" by picking up some of the prostitutes they've met along their beat. after all, who would have a better idea of where to find a prostitute than a cop? check out this quote from the woman herself: "There are other prostitutes out there, and there are other deputies having sex with them."

actually, the most scandalous aspect of this story is that it's rather tame compared to the other big police scandal in central indiana right now. i don't really care how many prostitutes the cops hire... hell, the cops could all be issued their own prostitute to go on patrol with them, just like they're issued guns & cruisers... as long as they don't go around shooting & killing unarmed college students.

muncie/ball state police are saying that the murdered kid had "growled and charged at the officer" like some kind of rabid bull... it must've all happened in what matrix fans call "bullet time" because the kid was apparently only "2 feet away", & the cop still had time to pull off four shots, including one to the head. i don't know about these people, but my right arm alone is about 2 feet; unless the cop is a midget, at that range he could've just as easily bitch-slapped the kid. using actual bullets at that range is impractical.

or maybe the cops are just lying; even the kid's police dispatcher friend doesn't believe the police's version of events...

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