Sunday, November 16, 2003

just got back from fliering. at luna they had the neptunes present: clones on vinyl, so i was finally able to pick that up. & i scored a pink flamingos poster at vibes; that will go up in my stairwell right next to a great poster of scooby doo in an orange 80s jumpsuit spinning records... it didn't look like missing link was open (at least, their neon "open" sign wasn't lit up) so i didn't stop there but i hit the other 3 i'd mentioned. considering i went to 3 record stores & only bought 2 items total, i think i did a pretty good job resisting my consumeristic urges.

the other day i got a piece of spam with the best subject line ever. the message body was unmemorable, but check out this subject line:

Take care of those erection problems.antisemite

so not only does it accuse me of having erection problems (which is news to me), but it calls me a fucking antisemite! where do those spammers get off? i have plenty of love for my jewish brethren.

the funny part is that i'm 92% certain that the antisemistism bit was a total coincidence; from its placement & formatting it looks like those nonsense strings that often appear in spam subjects (presumably for tracking purposes). those are always the most obvious spam messages: stalliongsta, grow your penis. stjudxjkerh or Hi remember me?? dfshjkjierw. if i'm right, & it is a tracking code gone horribly wrong, a random selection of characters that just happened to turn into an accusation of race hatred, then that is one hell of a coincidence. if not, then it was truly terrible word choice (but probably still randomly pulled, like out of a dictionary file). either way, it was a strange way to advertise info about viagra & its newer competitor, le tigre (oops, i mean levitra).

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