Wednesday, November 05, 2003

in kinda-sorta-election-related news:

unfortunately porn star mary carey did not win the california governorship last year, losing the recall election to a lesser-skilled actor. but her career is definitely not over, what with two stories about her circulating the newsfeeds.

so yeah, carey didn't win the election but she will most likely have the best movie inspired by the election... i don't have much hope for a&e's upcoming arnold biopic. but carey will star in an uncoming porn film based on her campaign. it will star porn legend ron jeremy as one of carey's opponents, "spooge cruztamante", with some guy i've never heard of as another opponent, "ernie gropenegger". according to the afp story, 'the movie will show real footage taken from the 23-year-old Carey's campaign to become California's governor, interspersed with saucy new "behind-the-scenes footage."' if the movie is half as good as its character names, it will win a lot of awards (& carey will win a lot of erections) (sorry about that one).

on top of that, carey will also be one of the hosts for an upcoming reality tv show called can you be a porn star? the series will apparently be on pay-per-view & claims to feature "uninhibited nudity and sizzling sexuality".

seems like a pretty logical step. the obvious draw for shows like temptation island or big brother is a voyeurstic desire for sexual content, so just cut out all the other bullshit & make the show about the sex. an american idol who people can really get into. reality tv was always a lot like amateur porn anyway...

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