Friday, June 17, 2011

rhythm & soul

in addition to composing two new tracks that i'll be premiering at tomorrow night's show in nashville, i've also been busting ass over the past few days preparing video. here's a quick taste:

(i don't know if there will be a video setup at tuesday night's show in louisville.)

Monday, June 06, 2011

a huge mistake

as if the guy in the $800 suit is going to take photos of his junk. come on!

stAllio! live events in june

i will be traveling to the land of dixie this month for not one but two live events, both of which should be worth checking out.

first up, i'll be opening for the evolution control committee in nashville on saturday, june 18:

the ECC arguably invented the "mashup" back in the '90s and continues to make appropriation-based music that is both well-produced and conceptually clever—particularly refreshing these days when so many just slap the vocals from one song atop the instrumental from another, without bothering to check whether the keys match or the beats are propertly synched. the ECC's latest album, all rights reserved, is brilliant from top to bottom, and is positively bursting with fresh ideas. if you haven't heard it, stream it here:

i've shared bills with the ECC before (at recycled rainbow events, back when they were held indoors), but this will be our first show together at a traditional music venue. also performing are my old friends pimpdaddysupreme and dj empirical, as well as local dj/producer quiet entertainer.

then on tuesday, june 21, i'll be playing the first night of the louisville experimental festival. this five-day experimental music event features 24 acts, including my old friend noiseman433 on thursday. my tuesday night show includes pete fosco, naughtmare, tropical trash, and bone crusher.

so come on out for a good time! and southern ECC fans, take note: this will be the ECC's only show in the region. they put on a great live show, so it may be worth driving a couple hours for this one.