Thursday, November 13, 2003

rudy roy "jesus freak" moore has lost his job. the ten commandments judge will be removed from the bench for refusing to follow a federal court order. but the ny times points out that he could still come back next election: "The last Alabama judge was ousted in 1999 after he was found guilty of financial fraud. The next year, he was re-elected to the same seat."

rudy & his followers are still somehow unable to understand that you can't serve two masters without coming into a conflict of interest. especially if one of your masters never really communicates with you in an objective sense. so when the court told him to remove his graven image of god's top ten list, he chose the idol over his job, even while he told himself that by breaking the law, he was upholding the law. it reminds me of when bush told us we were starting a war in iraq to protect peace, saying "war is peace! freedom is slavery! ignorance is strength! a triumphant victory over the orgasm!" (wait, was that bush or orwell?)

of course, with someone like ashcroft still in office as us attorney general, it's not surprising rudy doesn't realize his inherent conflict...

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