Tuesday, November 18, 2003

holy shit!!! bush has asked the UK govt for permission to shoot protesters!!! i swear i am not making this up; bush is going to london with a massive security team & he seriously had the balls to ask for "shoot-to-kill" clearance, which would have meant that if any of his security people just happened to shoot a protester (or two, or three, or all of them) then they would not have been held responsible. mercifully the UK refused; that kind of security clearance would've been really bad for these guys, who hope to use cell phones & other modern tech to circumvent the ginormous cloud of censorship that will follow bush wherever he goes during his visit, so that they can "disrupt the PR" & get in the way of all his meticulously choreographed photo ops.

& to think just last week bush said he welcomed the protests, saying "I value going to a country where people are free to say anything they want to say."... i guess what he meant was that he welcomed the protesters because they would let him get in some target practice.

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