Wednesday, November 19, 2003

let's all take a moment to applaud CBS for refusing to bow to pressure, & sticking to their principles by standing up for quality programming like the victoria's secret fashion show. the lesson is that nearly-nude supermodels are good; political discourse is bad. how dare they try to air something about politics on my tv! i just want to see tyra banks in a thong! (hmmm... already i'm envisioning a political drama with lots of cameos by victoria's secret models... ron & nancy having a threesome with elizabeth hurley... ronnie saying "illicit sex may be a sin, but god damn i want a piece of that ass!")

but anyway, if you want to see some censored tv, the good news is that showtime has moved up its premiere to november 30. of course, the version on showtime will probably be expurgated of anything truly controversial, but remember that rule about sex vs politics.... this is showtime after all, & the only movies i ever watched on that channel star people like shannon tweed & have titles like the bare wench project or lord of the g-strings (& how could i forget veronica 2030?)

okay, i haven't seen lord of the g-strings... yet.

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