Sunday, November 02, 2003

damn, i'm listening to the new afx smojphace ep & tracks 2-3 are harsh noise! chaotic digital screeches, buzzing, & scraping. very unusual for an ep that starts with what's basically a dsp dancehall/jungle remix (afx mix of the bug/daddy freddy's "run the place red"). pretty much the last thing i expected from afx at this point. not necessarily innovative, but refreshing nonetheless.

on first listen the speedranch/jansky noise mi^grate & the donna summer/ove-naxx split are the standouts from this buying session, but then again it is first listen & i haven't even played everything i bought yet. i picked up the solo record by scratch, the embodiment of instrumentation & so far it seems like just a hip-hop record with beatboxing instead of drum machines. that's fine, but for a "solo" release by a "human turntablist", i was hoping for more focus on scratch himself, multitracked beatboxing & mouth noise, stuff like that. maybe i'm biased because i've done stuff like that myself, but i didn't think it necessary to bring in a bunch of MCs to legitimize this kind of record. there are plenty of "scratch" records by turntablists, so why not a pure "human turntablist" record by a man called scratch? (ps. if you haven't seen the movie scratch, watch it)

okay, i have more records to listen to before sunday night tv time, & apparently don't have anything else to say...

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