Saturday, November 29, 2003

so after thanksgiving dinner we were talking about movies. i said there were currently no movies out that i was all that interested in seeing; maybe a couple i would be willing to watch, but nothing is out right now that i really cared about, so i said.

after a bit, mom remembered a movie she said i wanted to see: bad santa. at first i wondered if she could be serious, but then she explained why: "it's a coen brothers movie," she said.

i'm a big coen brothers fan, but that didn't sound right because the last coen brothers movie, intolerable cruelty, was just out a couple months ago (& i missed it, now i have to wait until it's out on dvd). but today i finally thought to check on that.

turns out that bad santa is not a "coen brothers movie" in the purest sense (in that it was not written & directed by joel & ethan coen)... but the coens do get the "story" credits for the film, as well as executive producer credits.

so i looked up terry zwigoff, the director (who also gets partial screenwriter credits). apparently he directed ghost world (a pretty decent movie) as well as crumb (which i should have seen 10 years ago, i know).

so maybe bad santa is actually worth seeing. i do have tons of free passes to AMC theatres, two of which expire at the end of december. or maybe i can use those when i'm in san francisco; looks like there are a couple amc theatres there...

if you'll excuse me, i need to work on music now, so i can feel like i actually got something accomplished during my weeklong vacation.

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