Saturday, July 02, 2005

you like?

trying out a new design for the comment footer, on a separate line rather than tracked into the end of the post. i'm afraid that the only way to have a postscript character like this at the end of a post and to use the blogger images layouts is to enter the ¶ into the body of each post. this can be semiautomated by using the "post template" feature, but i still have a feeling that the ¶ will be gone from the end of all my old posts. maybe i'm wrong; i won't know until i publish. that's kind of a shame, as i think it's a really nice feature... sort of like the opposite of drop caps.

although it is nice to be able to choose whether there's a ¶ or not for each post, because it looks like crap when the post ends with a blockquote or other block element rather than text, at least with this design.

also, what do you think about the pop-up blogger comments? i don't like them. i like the pop-up functionality, but i think they look like crap, and i think the comments section on the individual post pages currently also looks like crap. i'm thinking i should make them non pop-up, and then i can format them pretty much like the comments on the bobby vomit blawg.

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