Friday, July 01, 2005

new blogger comments

experimenting with blogger comments. unfortunately the hack i discussed didn't work quite as well as i had expected.

When you enable comments on a blog for the first time, it mostly just affects new posts -- old posts are left with comments disabled unless you manually edit them to change this. We'll use that fact to show our alternate comments on those posts.

actually, it seems to have affected all my posts since may 2004. so my haloscan comments for the past year are currently hidden... they're not done entirely, but they're fairly tricky to get to right now. i guess i can still disable the blogger comments for those old posts that had them, on a post-by-post basis, but that will be time consuming if i end up doing it.

so give the new commenting system a try.


stAllio! said...

here's commentin' at you, kid

stAllio! said...

manufacturing comments

stAllio! said...

okay, i changed the comment footer so it would right-align. i like it a lot better that way. i also added this ¶ mark at the end of each comment.