Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the anti-music workshop

meatsock is an electronic musician, bad taste associate, and new member of animals within animals. he also has a radio show on WHUS (hartford CT).

his show, the anti-music workshop features a broad range of electronic musics, from breakcore to experimental to rough&dirty dance music. plus meatsock is known to premiere some of his own work, bring in guests, or just play around with mixing. it's a fun listen. (also, recently he's been including lots of stAllio! material in his shows.)

he now has a blog for the show, featuring mp3s and occasional playlists from past shows. it's not complete, but hell, it's only been there a few days.

i'm not in any of the shows that have playlists that are currently up, but i do know that he mixes in virtually the entirety of my true data 12" on his 6-30 show, archived here, and i've been played in at least a couple other shows that may or may not be included here now or in the future.

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