Saturday, July 09, 2005

björk on mtv (live 8)

wow, two songs. even after mentioning in the press release that artists wanted "full-set performances", they still only air full sets by a few artists, and one or two songs by other artists.

i will admit that that the coverage is much better: commercial free, with little to no chatter. and i'd rather see two songs from björk than none. still, reports:

Björk took the stage for the Live8 event on saturday in Tokyo with Matmos, Zeena and a japanese string octet by her side, and performed the following songs infront of 10,000 people; Pagan Poetry, All Is Full Of Love, Desired Constellation, Jóga, Hyperballad, Generous Palmstroke, Bachelorette and It's In Our Hands (Soft Pink Truth Remix).

i thought i saw matmos, and i guess i was right. but there was no mention of it on the matmos site.

i still want to see the full performance. and aolmusic continues to let me down by not including any content from the tokyo show. jerks. i would love to see a live version of the soft pink truth remix of "it's in our hands"... that's a killer mix.

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