Saturday, July 02, 2005

bring out the GIMP (for image databending)

so syntax emailed me a couple PSD bends that he'd done using the GIMP, a free image editing program. (more about his submission in the new submissions and extras section of my image databending gallery.)

not bad. but i was intrigued by the fact that it was a PSD file. when opening bent PSD files in photoshop, the majority of the time they render with that horizontal banding/replication effect that is in most of my PSD bends. but his image looked like he'd actually been pushing pixels around with that effect happening. on rare occasion, photoshop will render a bent file in that way, but i figured that the laws of probability were against his first PSD bend being one of those odd files. so i downloaded/installed the gimp, and started opening up my old bent PSD files.

sure enough, a lot of them re-bent when opened with the gimp. for example, this


so that's fun. it even opened a few files that wouldn't open in photoshop, like this one:

not all of them re-bent. i know that for at least a couple of them, i made the mistake of re-saving them while they were open in photoshop. this essentially "fixes" the errors: it's no longer a corrupted file, but a normal file of a jumbled-up image. a couple of the other files had been bent beyond openability.

so i've updated the bent image gallery: in addition to the new submissions and extras section, a have added several new "gimp" images to the RR8 gallery, as well as new "gimp" images to the DSCF0044, DSCF0047, and DSCF0049 pages in the RRX gallery.


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