Sunday, July 03, 2005

no more pop-up comments

yeah, i got rid of 'em. i didn't like the fact that they didn't match the visual style of my site, and i couldn't figure out how to change their formatting (which was pretty easy with haloscan). if i can find a way to do that, maybe i'll put them back. or just maybe i'd do it regardless, if people start clamoring for the return of pop-up comments. for some reason i don't expect that to happen, though.

other changes:

  • fixed/designed formatting for comments on individual post pages
  • added left border: i liked how the black had formerly bled off into the non-viewable parts of the monitor, but short post pages might actually have a narrow bit of crimson in there, which looks awful without a left border.
  • adjusted margins: this was necessary to compensate for the new left border, which tightens up the page nicely, but was probably too tight under the old margin settings
  • subtly animated the comment footers: i tried to make it subtle enough that you might not even notice if you weren't paying attention to it. is it too much? or just about right? if it's still too much, i could just change it to a static gradient or something similar.

the left border is pretty much non-negotiable, so you can complain about it but that won't make me change it. but i might be susceptible to complaints about the pop-up comments or the comment footer animation.

does anyone use the "email this post" feature? i never bothered to set it up for my blog but could do so easily enough if anyone would use it. i even found a blogger help article so that i wouldn't have to use the email icon that normally appears (if i had found that a few months ago, i would have used it my montana & mcdeviltoast design).

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