Saturday, July 02, 2005

it was rove

last week, the supreme court refused to hear an appeal by journalist matthew cooper (of time) and journo-shill judith miller (of the new york times). cooper and miller had been ordered to testify in front of a grand jury about the valerie plame outing scandal: who in the white house outed valerie plame as a cia agent?

by refusing to hear the appeal, the supreme court ensured that either cooper and miller would talk or they'd go to jail. miller still refuses, claiming journalistic privelege. the court says that journalistic privelege does not extend to aiding & abetting a felon. cooper said he wouldn't talk either, but then time announced that it would turn over any documents in question, protecting him from going to jail. (robert novak, who was the one who actually reported plame's occupation, doesn't seem to be in trouble; the only explanation for this is that he sang like a canary some time ago.)

now that time has turned over the documents, msnbc's lawrence o'donnell announced that he's known for some time that white house mastermind karl rove was cooper's source.

the gop's past decase of unethical behavior has been catching up with them recently, and if this is true things are only going to get worse. the white house's chief political advisor being convicted of perjury would be extremely bad for the administration.

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