Wednesday, July 20, 2005

out of office

virago comes into town tonight, with cat in tow, for one last visit to wrap up some last-minute stuff before she moves here in a couple weeks. i'll be taking tomorrow & friday off to spend time with her.

also, the midwest music summit is in town (i'm performing 11:30 saturday night at the pub), as well as the NAMM summer session, which is a huge music industry trade show.

so with all that going down this weekend, i don't expect i'll find a lot of time to blog. i could be wrong, but don't count on it.

1 comment:

djempirical said...

when you get back "in the office", let me know if you're having any trouble with your blog.

mines telling me it's published, but i don't know to where... the blog itself isn't updating.