Thursday, July 14, 2005

google news


the wonders of automated news indexing...

this has already changed, since google news content changes every few minutes, but i just had to take a screenshot:

the rove story is blowing up all over the place. yes, those three stories are as bad you'd think they are from the headlines:

Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal this is very thorough, not just going through the current rove scandal, but with juicy tidbits about iran-contra as well as prescott bush's nazi connections.

Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know? check out the graphic they're using for this story.

the thinkprogress link actually goes to a story titled How To Talk To A Conservative About Karl Rove (If You Must) and it's a point-by-point debunking of the currently circulating GOP talking points on the issue.

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