Monday, July 25, 2005

more precious pub memories

oh crap... i almost forgot to mention this, and it was easily my favorite memory of the night:

the pub has one of those new-fangled jukeboxes (the kind that's a little box on the wall with a small computer monitor, not the old-school kind that has actual cds or records inside). in between acts, the jukebox would play: the usual classic rock + top 40 jukebox fare.

at around 11:10 or so, cher's "believe" came on the jukebox. some tipsy, tanned blond girl in a flower-patterned skirt and a white tube top (or maybe it had spaghetti straps?) decided to jump onstage and sing along while one of her friends snapped a couple photos. she didn't think the mic was on, but i know it was because i had seen the mixing board, and the mic level was potted up fairly high. not that you could hear her very well over the crowd noise, etc, and not that she would've stopped had she known it was in fact on.

she got the bright idea to start swinging the mic around in a circle like a popstar. (not over her head, but in front of her.) naturally, the XLR connection came undone and the mic flew off its cable, into the air, and thumped down on the stage floor.

i laughed for a good three minutes about that one.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't have gotten a sample of her butchering an already horrible song. Could have made a wonderful sample for the future. ;)