Wednesday, October 25, 2006

stunt rock comes to indianapolis

yes, stunt rock is coming to town... but not to play music. (he "retired from performing" in june.) he'll be doing stand-up comedy during a show full on indie rock bands. i'm not sure what to make of that.

apparenly the roster for indie rock band collections of colonies of bees includes tom from emotional joystick and jim from pressboard.


Anonymous said...

Well, when I saw Stunt Rock live in concert earlier in the year, it was very much like a stand-up performance, interrupted by samples played from his laptop. So it might not actually be that much different.

You've seen Jason Forrest perform live, right? His solution to the eternal question that plagues laptop performers wanting to play live is to start the song and then hop around the stage dancing like a total spazmo. Not terribly fancy, but it works, I suppose.

stAllio! said...

sounds like a girl talk show, except girl talk also incorporates costume changes.

i've seen stunt rock play a few times, but not in the past couple years, when he started doing the stand-up thing.