Thursday, October 12, 2006

bad news for johnny ho and the count?

congressional quarterly has been watching the polls, and has bad news for indiana representatives john hostettler and chris "the count" chocola:

Democratic strategists for years have targeted six-term Republican Rep. John Hostettler for defeat without success, though they at times have come relatively close. But Hostettler — one of the most unorthodox and idiosyncratic campaigners in all of Congress, faces his most serious challenge yet, from Democrat Brad Ellsworth, the sheriff of the most populous jurisdiction in southwest Indiana’s 8th District.

So dire is the threat that Hostettler, with fewer than four weeks to go in the campaign, now appears the underdog. As such, has changed its rating on the race to Leans Democratic from No Clear Favorite.

The rugged national political environment for Republicans in general — and a well-funded attack campaign from Democratic and liberal groups — are the chief reasons why two-term Republican Rep. Chris Chocola of Indiana's 2nd District faces a tougher race in his rematch with Democratic lawyer Joe Donnelly than he did in their first faceoff two years ago. has moved its rating on the Indiana 2 race to No Clear Favorite from Leans Republican.

and in the "it shouldn't need to be said" category, only the delusional commenters at advance indiana think eric dickerson has a real chance of defeating julia carson in the 7th: does not presently rate any other Indiana district as highly competitive. Indiana’s 7th District, which is a Democratic-leaning area based in Indianapolis, is rated as Democrat Favored only because Democratic Rep. Julia Carson has a history of underperforming in her contests. She is heavily favored against Republican nominee Eric Dickerson, a car dealer.

update: kos points to this south bend tribune article about conflicting polls in the chocola/donnelly race. a DCCC poll has donnelly up 52-36, while chocola's personal poll only has donnelly up 44.7-44.

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