Tuesday, October 03, 2006

lichen, bacteria mats, and a big ball of twine

DSCF0274, originally uploaded by stallio.

in the late summer of 2005, virago moved to indianapolis from san francisco. in order to get all her stuff to indy, she and her father packed up the car and drove cross-country. they took a scenic route, stopping at several national landmarks along the way, including mount rushmore, yellowstone national park, and even the biggest ball o' twine in minnesota.

during the trip, virago took more than 200 photographs. originally, she hoped to get those photos online last fall, but you know how these things go. still, there were some great photos in there, and i didn't want them to get lost. (also, some of them would be great source material for databending and glitch art. indeed, syntax already bent this photo of the twine ball after seeing it in my flickr badge.)

so this weekend i uploaded them all to flickr. view the whole set here, all 240 photos.

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