Friday, October 13, 2006

pirates of the internet - rapper's despair

a few years back, avon sold an easter toy called "hip hop harry", a white rabbit with a backwards hat. the thing was so ridiculously... white that i was compelled to create a parody that was eventually included in the liner art of the free speech for sale compilation (still available for free download). so when i saw a new children's tv show called hip hop harry, i had to check it out just to see whether it was the same character.

naturally, it wasn't. this new hip hop harry (check your local cable listings) is a bear. he looks kind of like winnie the pooh in a kangol hat. his show is pretty much what you'd expect: a costumed character hangs out with kids, singing and dancing (though in case rapping instead of singing), passing on educational lessons and what not.

what i didn't expect was that hip hop harry would have flow. sure, he's rhyming about topics like nutrition and why "i love to learn", so you won't hear him on mtv anytime soon, but harry's actually not a bad rapper. and some of the kids can really dance, too!

so here's a new video, with hip hop harry and friends set to new music by the pirates of the internet. this song has been sitting around for a couple years, but for whatever reason i never posted an mp3.


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arratik said...

v. nice!

say, what software are you using for video? i've been messing around with vegas 6, but i'm not sure if i like it or not...