Sunday, October 08, 2006

ground zero:

astute readers and AWIA fans might be aware that my friend bobby vomit, in addition to being a noise musician, is also a talented tattoo artist. i just finished designing and developing a new website for ground zero, the tattoo & piercing shop in muncie where he works. it's possibly my best design yet.

three tattoo artists and one piercing artist work at the shop. each artist has his own blog on the site (here is bobby vomit's) to highlight his work.

the site runs on blogger and flickr. in fact, one of the main reasons i signed up with flickr when i did was because i wanted to play around with flickr badges, which i knew would come in handy for this website. i'm extremely proud of my design for this site, but i'm particularly pleased with the badges.

take a look. and if you're in need of a tattoo or a piercing, consider going to ground zero in muncie. if i ever commit to a tattoo, i know that's where i'm going.

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