Wednesday, October 04, 2006

it only costs a dollar for a double cheeseburger sandwich

naptown rap has been blowing up lately. rhymefest, who won a grammy for co-writing kanye west's smash "jesus walks", dropped a new album this summer, which was subsequently ignored by local radio—you're more likely to hear rhymefest's PSA on 96.3 than you are to hear an actual rhymefest track.

meanwhile, trillogy got signed not long ago, "super clean" by locals young true & rokstar a.k.a. nappyville has been in extremely heavy rotation, and hoosya boyz have also been getting some play for their track "lollipop", a song about fellatio that samples the chordettes song of the same name.

of course, if you're plugged into indianapolis hip-hop, you already knew all that. but did you know about carlos loco?

carlos loco is a noblesville rapper who has written perhaps the most entertaining rap song about mcdonald's ever (except possibly "holla, mcdonald's big n' tasty burger is a dolla"). it's called "i love mcdonald's" and i don't think it's meant to be ironic... but who can tell these days?

his website,, currently points to his myspace page, with only the one song up. but he also has a soundclick page, where you can hear other songs, including an alternate version (called "come see me at mickey dee's") and a song about 9/11.

but what i really want to hear is his song "noblesville, indiana". his ringtones site (yes, he's selling ringtones) has a teaser, but i want to hear the whole song.

hat tip: this IMN post by landlocked music

update: it turns out that while carlos used to live in noblesville, he recently moved to bloomington. my bad, but an easy mistake to make.

also, nuvo's myspace blog has this carlos press release from january:

Noblesville,Indiana--January 19,2006 As an employee of McDonald's, Carlos Thomas was shocked to read in a March 28, 2005 edition of USA Today's Money section that McDonalds Corporation consulted an entertainment marketing firm to get brand name rappers to plug the Big Mac sandwich within the lyrical content of their upcoming songs. The newspaper article motivated Carlos, who himself is an aspiring rap artist that goes by the moniker Carlos Loco to break out his ink pen and tablet to create. Inspired by a Ray Kroc(McDonald's Founder) quote "The success of McDonald's depends on innovation from within" unquote had Carlos soul searching looking within the Golden Arches of McDonald's for his subject matter. What was soon to transpire is the beautiful, powerfully written lyrics of the song that Carlos respectfully titled "I LOVE MCDONALDS"

"My first job was at McDonald's..." recalls Carlos candidly.

Born and raised poverty stricken in Detroit,Michigan; Carlos is the second oldest child of his mothers eight children. Due to neglect and abuse he and his siblings were awarded to the custody of The State of Michigan, each child ushered into foster homes and group homes across Detroit. Confused and somewhat discouraged but determined to win inspite of his circumstances had Carlos searching and applying for employment as early as nine years of age. Told that he was too young and would need to apply for a job years later is what Carlos did. Securing his first job at McDonald's.

"Me working at McDonald's has been a life-long partnership. In urban communities such as Detroit McDonald's is such a staple providing employment right in your neighborhood. For a young guy like me having a place that I could work that was in walking distance was great because I was so poor. I wholeheartedly love and appreciate the skills and oppourtunity that McDonald's has given me."

"I LOVE MCDONALDS" is a great classic rap song versus being just classified as a commercial jingle. The song is a McDonald's Public Relations Dream come true that upsells McDonald's Food Products and uplifts McDonald's Company Morale all the while entertaining listeners and viewers of the songs performance. McDonald's has the opportunity to rightfully reclaim it's position as the forerunners of the marketing and advertising industries with this hit song. Worldwide, McDonald's can control the globe, spinning it like a strobe(light) as everyone dances to the new McDonald's Beat. The world deserves to see this super performer.

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