Friday, October 20, 2006

bloggers up, down

this afternoon, i'll be participating in a blogger event, where a handful of "progressive bloggers" will meet with some "progressive candidates". i'm not entirely convinced that everyone in attendance is truly progressive (hence the scare quotes), but it should be interesting.

Participating candidates will be:

Russell Brown (D - State Senate)
Rep David Orentlicher (D - H86)
Susan Fuldauer (D - H88)
John Barnes (D - H89) and
Mike Kole (L - Sec of State).

Participating blogs are:
A Commonplace Book
Advance Indiana
Resisting Inertia
Shakespeare's Sister
stAllio's Way
Taking Down Words

most of these are not my candidates (i'm in the process of moving from greg porter's district to vanessa summers's district), though i conceivably could vote for mike kole if he can convince me he'd be a better choice than joe pearson. but bil from bilerico invited me to attend, and i have no good excuse not to go, so that's that.

i hope to post my thoughts about the event sometime this afternoon or evening... though has been quite fussy today and might throw a fork into those plans.

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