Monday, October 23, 2006

my head just exploded

happytree8, originally uploaded by stallio.

if you have satellite tv, this might look familiar: as i've discussed before, when it rains, the signal gets all glitchy. i've been collecting video like this for awhile, and released a music video in july using glitched satellite footage.

i was concerned that, now that i'm moving from a satellite house to an apartment with digital cable, i wouldn't get to see much more footage like this. but i've since learned that i can intentionally create mpeg glitches by loosening the coax cable going into my dvr. of course, this comes with a slight amount of risk (as i could damage the cable, or theoretically even the input on the dvr). still, it'll be fun to play with occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

You could just get a small length of cable with male & female connectors, connect that to the DVR, connect the coax cable to the smaller cable and play with THAT connection, rather than the one on the DVR. I'm just sayin'.