Tuesday, July 31, 2007

while i've been gaming...

hello again. did i mention that i love civilization iv: beyond the sword? oh, i did? okay then.

while i've been busy playing video games and eating breakfast sandwiches, a huge flamewar has been brewing between tdw in one corner and the tag-team of gary welsh and melyssa "miss ann" donaghy in the other. the ensuing controversy has not only boosted traffic for both blogs, but also boosted my own traffic as well (despite me not having blogged in nearly a week) as people franticly google for more information on the outspoken dominatrix. (my blog was one of the few indiana blogs to cover melyssa's story; at that time, gary welsh didn't have much use for her.)

it all began when tdw dared to suggest that this saturday's "indiana tea party" protest was... well... a bit silly. (not to mention a bit of a stretch, as far as political metaphors go.)

i already said my piece a couple weeks ago about miss ann's role in the recent tax protests, and i stand by what i wrote then. but i would be remiss if i didn't at least mention this latest flamewar, since it has brought me so much traffic in the past couple days.


Anonymous said...

Lately I've been googled by:

The Indiana Housing Authority
Indiana Democratic Party
EEOC (in Washington DC)
The State of Indiana

Democrats are dumpster diving.

A benefit of being true to who you are and not hiding in a closet of fear or shame is freedom. They feed off fear and try to smother true freedom.

I am not funded (other than my personal funds) and work for no one but the people. I intensely love my city and that is why I do this. I promise, there is no other agenda.

Our city is rotting and I'm not going to let that happen.

Wilson46201 said...

Melyssa: 3 of those 4 entities are controlled by Republicans - perhaps your newfound GOP buddies are checking you out too? You know darn well that the religious reactionaries are concentrated in the modern GOP. The Republican Party today is sustained by the AmericanTaliban, the ChristoFascists. Eric Miller may temporarily ally with you although he'd just as soon burn you at the stake as a witch.

Your all-too-quick denunciations of solely Democrats based on your own data presented here shows that you have a quite biased partisan agenda. Unfortunately, it's on the side of your worst enemies...

But thanks for playing!