Friday, August 03, 2007

visualfringe opens tonight

visualfringe, the visual-art component of this year's indyfringe festival, opens tonight and runs throughout august in several massachusetts avenue galleries.

i submitted three databent photos to the festival and all three were accepted. i'm told my work is on display at the loudermilk gallery (aka loudermilk photography) at 882 massachusetts avenue.

you can get a quick taste of some of the art here. based on those preview images, and on what i saw when i dropped off my work a couple weeks ago, it should be a great show with lots of cool work.

i guess the official opening/reception is at the earth house, at lockerbie central united methodist church at 237 n. east street. there might also be other stuff going on at the individual galleries; i don't know.

so come on out and buy some art!

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