Thursday, August 23, 2007

another blog dies... who will be next?

it's true: expresso, the blog that brought us the latest multipage musings of rishawn biddle, is as good as dead. i noticed last month that expresso seemed to be in need of hospice care, with an embarrassingly dated varvel post about paris hilton stuck at the top for weeks on end. today, i discover that expresso is no longer linked from the indystar front page. in its place are links to first thoughts—a first amendment blog which is probably good but i can't bring myself to read it (and i care about first amendment issues!)—and coffee break—which is apparently about "community", judging by the cryptic job titles attributed to co-bloggers tim swarens and jane lichtenberg. or in other words, coffee break is expresso with half the caffeine.

(biddle fans, don't fret: you can still read his musings on the paper's editorial page, though as those are unsigned, you'll have to guess which are his.)

what will be the next blog to be put out of its misery?

will it be indiana blog review, which has been quiet for so long that there are no posts on the front page (only links to spam comments for pharmaceuticals)?

perhaps it will be circle city pundit aka "the scribe", who's been getting in a lot of hot water lately, inspiring indyundercover to publicly unmask him (surprise, he's a failed libertarian candidate) and gary welsh to threaten him with legal action?

will it be the scribe's only defender, kenn "gay watch" gividen, who seems to be deleting a lot of posts recently? (i can't find that "answers to gary" post in the google cache, so either he deleted it too quickly to be cached or he never actually wrote it. however, i did find the cache for this deleted post, titled "more bigotry from bilerico", which i would never have known about if the scribe hadn't eagerly linked to it. you see, the scribe knows firsthand that "disgusting hate and bigotry [...] is common" at bilerico, because—brace yourself—bilerico de-linked him a few days ago. [incidentally, i am proud to admit that i am the "reader" who suggested that bil browning might not want to link to a nut like the scribe.])

or perhaps it'll be me? after months of intermittent posting, will i finally pull the plug on stAllio!'s way? only time will tell, so get in your bets now!


Anonymous said...

holy crap! i can actually read your blog from work again! awia dot com has been blocked for as long as i can remember.


djempirical said...

you'd better not quit, guy.

if you do, i'm removing the "open as raw" ringtone from my new phone! ;)

Jacob Perry said...

Funny's always entertaining to read the meandering garbage spewed from liberals.

First off, IndyU was incorrect (not that either you or I care) about my alleged identity, relying on an email "tip".

Not that IndyU has ever been real big on facts to start with.

You don't need me to point out the hypocrisy and bigotry rampant on Bilerico, and no, my "proof" wasn't that you reminded them to remove my link. You may strain your arm trying to pat yourself on the back too hard.

Jacob Perry said...

BTW, rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated, I couldn't be happier about the quantity and quality of traffic.

Again, not that you care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, not yours. I read everything you write.

Funny, I haven't even heard of the scribe or the circle city pundit. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much.

Ironic that he was "unmasked" by indyundercover, given their efforts to maintain anonymity.

stAllio! said...

steph: he turns up periodically to troll over at AI, and he also pops up now & again to spout off gibberish at masson's blog.

my favorite is still the time he insisted that chinatown no longer exists. funny stuff.

Doug said...

With as little as I've posted in the past few weeks, I'm a little sad not to have made the Death Watch myself!

stAllio! said...

you've been on vacation. that's allowed. (tully seems to do it monthly. then again, tully's blog has seemingly been on the brink of death since its birth.)

Jacob Perry said...

Ahh, now I remember, you're that clown!

That explains a lot, your Clintonian-like skill at taking a comment and completely twisting it entirely out of context in order to make it appear it's something that it's not.

You and I know that's not at all what I said, but since when has that ever stopped a liberal from spinning something?

stAllio! said...

scribe: this is what you wrote in that comment, and i quote:

Ever wonder why such enclaves like “Chinatown” or “Little Italy” no longer exist?

sounds pretty straightforward to me. not only did you claim that chinatown no longer exists, who went on to explain why. hilarious!

Unknown said...

methinks that scribe does not actually read what others write...he just spouts..and his blog entry today to bloody funny...always meant to be temporary anyway...yeah sure and I have a great deal on some stock mortgage stocks to sell ya

stAllio! said...

following up on that last comment...

despite arguing as recently at 11:20 this morning that he definitely was not jacob perry, teh scribe has a new post on his blog confessing that yes, he is. and amusingly, he tries to claim that he'd always meant to come out anyway, but he just wasn't ready quite yet.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I've been to Chinatown in L.A., New York and Chicago all in the past two years. They'll be excited to know they can disburse now.

Unknown said...

and do note that scribe's blog has 1 comment on that particular post...solamente uno.... few more here on that topic...that says it all doesn't it?