Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the human alarm clock

from the comments, syntax sez:

please tell me you've been following the glenn murphy story...

dude, you would have to be passed out drunk in a bunk bed to miss a story like this, which began at tdw but has quickly spread all over the blogosphere like so much spilled grey goose seeping into the carpet. but in case you somehow missed it... if, for example, you mistakenly rely on the indy star to give you all your indiana news...

glenn murphy jr was head of the clark county gop here in indiana, and just a few weeks back had been elected chair of the young republican national foundation (at the young, young age of 33). in other words, he was an up-and-comer on a hot streak in the republican party. as gary notes:

Last fall, I had a conversation with another fellow Republican who shared my concern that several GOP candidates and officeholders in Indiana appeared to be taken in by the up-and-coming Murphy. This concerned both of us because Murphy was urging the candidates he advised to use divisive social wedge issues like the gay marriage debate to pummel Democratic candidates.

you can probably guess the twist by this point: it turns out that murphy loves teh cock. but this wasn't your everyday story of a prominent republican offering to blow a cop in a bathroom... no, murph apparently likes to give blowjobs to men while they're sleeping. on two occasions—once in '98 and once last weekend—police reports were filed by young men who'd passed out at parties only to awaken to murphy's mouth on their knob. (the police reports are here.) and if police got involved twice, it's almost certain that there were many other similar encounters that didn't get reported.

needless to say, murphy has resigned both his party posts, sending out a fishy letter that claims he's resigning because his company received some magical massive contract that precludes him from holding any political positions. the odds of murphy receiving such a life-changingly wonderful contract mere days after his latest sexual assault victim files a police report against him are, i must say, fairly slim.

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Anonymous said...

come to find out that several people with ties to congressman patrick mchenry (r, nc-10) were pushing the nc young republican contingent to endorse murphy.

this is okay in and of itself, but the fact that there have been rumors about mchenry being a closeted (and, based on his voting record, apparently self-loathing) homosexual certainly makes it look like there's a pattern emerging. (it's also worth mentioning that mchenry was one of the first representatives to come forward and defend mark foley...)

anyway, i knew you'd be all over this.