Friday, August 31, 2007

looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking

okay, not really... today will be my seventh full day without cigarettes and i'm feeling good about that. but seriously, what a week!

alberto gonzales finally anounced his resignation. that's great, but he should've resigned months ago, so why now?

in another demonstration of what josh marshall calls the muck gap, republican idaho senator larry craig got arrested for soliciting gay bathroom sex, and may resign soon. craig was a typical gop hypocrite, publicly denouncing gays while privately cruising for dick, so i'm not sad to see him go. but i can't help but think that he didn't really do anything illegal in that minnesota airport bathroom, and that he was victimized by the local police.

in happier, better-adjusted lgbt news, an iowa court struck down the state's gay marriage ban. naturally, the ruling is being appealed.

we're finally almost done with our monthlong moving experience! the old lease ends at end-of-business today. then we get to move on to unpacking, which will probably take even longer but won't require as much physical labor.

i got identity thieved... for the second time this year! this time around i made sure not to use my debit card at too many disreputable web sites, but i guess i got a bit too free with it when using the drive-thru to buy all those breakfast sandwiches, and someone copied down my number and used it to order $90 worth of pizzas. so let this be a lesson to you: never use plastic at the drive-thru! if you must use plastic for your fast food, go inside and swipe the card yourself.

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