Thursday, August 16, 2007

cell out

i got a new cellphone!

i'd been dreaming of getting a new phone for a while, since my old account with the company that can't decide whether to call itself at&t or cingular wasn't in my name. (it was in my sister's name, because we lived together at the time, but no longer do.) i stepped up my search for a new phone when it appeared that my phone battery was slowly dying. and then when virago decided that she wanted to get a cellphone and eliminate her landline after we move, that was the impetus we needed.

i decided to go with t-mobile because i'd heard they had the best customer satisfaction ratings. i was planning to just go to the local t-mobile store, but my sister suggested we should go to costco instead, so we did. costco has a smaller selection of phones than the t-mobile store has, but the phones they do have are heavily discounted. i got a motorola razr v3t for $20 with contract (instead of $100 from at the t-mobile store) and virago scored a nokia 5300 for $10 (instead of $80). virago is completely enamored with her new phone; i have been trying to focus my new-phone excitement toward creating bad taste mp3 ringtones.

speaking of moving to the new apartment, our big move day is scheduled for sunday. so between packing, moving, fidgeting with my phone, and trying to meet editing deadlines, i haven't had much time for blogging... nor will i probably until next week. in fact, starting sometime this weekend and running until we get our internet connection set up at the new place (hopefully monday), i might not be online much at all... though i'll still be accessible via email if you need me. and of course, i'll have my phone: my number is the same, so if you had it before, you still do.

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