Sunday, July 08, 2007

framed glitches

so i ended up applying to be in the VisualFringe show and got accepted. (which is not a major accomplishment in itself; the real test is how many of my pieces actually get hung, whether any are selected for "best of the fringe", and of course whether any of them actually sell.)

entrants are allowed to submit up to three pieces, so i selected shoshone27, acousticmirror17, and turkeyfeathers6. these were not necessarily my first choices (though shoshone27 absolutely was my first choice), as my criteria involved not only which were the best images, but which were of the proper size.

after much deliberation about the proper print size, i eventually opted for 11x14 as being sufficiently large enough to be worthy of framing, but not so huge as to be problematic (like 20x30 would be). so i had to rule out some images that would have been good enough for 8x10 but not quite big enough for 11x14. if i ever do a solo show, i can slip some of those 8x10s in there, too.

but then i also had to factor in aspect ratio. some bends that i otherwise would've chosen wouldn't fit quite right on an 11x14 print, because they use a 2:3 aspect ratio and thus would be more suited to 12x18 prints... but i'd already ruled out 12x18 because it is less standard and thus a bit harder to frame. again, if i ever get that solo show, i'll toss in some 12x18s.

flickr, of course, doesn't offer 11x14s (nor 12x18s for that matter), rudely skipping from 8x10 to 20x30. fortunately, my parents have a costco membership.

VisualFringe begins the first friday in august and runs all month, all along massachusetts avenue.

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