Saturday, July 21, 2007

randall tobias has achieved legendary status!

today's indy star:

Former Eli Lilly and Co. CEO Randall Tobias received warm applause and a hug Friday night during his first public appearance since he resigned from a high-ranking State Department job after being linked to a call-girl ring.

Tobias spoke for seven minutes as he was honored as an Indiana Living Legend by the Indiana Historical Society and never mentioned the abrupt ending to his government job in April.

Tobias resigned after his name surfaced in connection with the high-priced Pamela Martin and Associates escort service in Washington. He has said he hired women from the service for massages, not sex.

He was among a group of four people honored on Friday. The others were Indianapolis Motor Speedway CEO Tony George and musicians Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Sandi Patty.

is randy tobias really in the same league as babyface, tony george, or even sandi patty? certainly many naptown residents would've already known the name tobias, but outside of the area, how many people do you think had never heard of randy tobias before he resigned in embarrassment over his scandalous "massages"?

i wonder what the criteria are for being named a living legend... let's take a look:

Thousands of Hoosiers have made a positive, lasting impression on the State of Indiana, and many of them have been honored for their contributions. The Indiana Historical Society recognizes the importance of honoring individuals who, while they have accomplished much, are still making an impact today and will continue to do so in the future. These special people are chosen to be honored as Indiana Living Legends.

ah, i see. so, by being named in an escort scandal and subsequently resigning in shame, tobias showed that he is "still making an impact today". i'll buy that. (after all, it did generate a lot of discussion in the media and blogosphere.) but i'm not as sure that he "will continue to do so in the future", unless he testifies at the palfrey trial or something.

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Wilson46201 said...

I wonder if his wife attended the ceremony or was she still too shamed to be seen with him in public?