Sunday, July 15, 2007

new mp3: doctor of love

over at my myspace music page, i've posted my first new solo track in more than two years, "doctor of love". i've been focusing on animals within animals material basically since 2004, but now that parts is parts is finally out, i can move on to working on a new solo record. (and yes, i am finished with the first 10 handmade copies of parts is parts; i'm just waiting until i can scan them before i sell them.)

"doctor of love" (along with 2005's "drinking song") are the first two prospective tracks of said new record, tentatively titled wack cylinders. while i haven't been working on solo studio material in years, i have continued to play live gigs, and i've developed a live improvisational style totally unlike anything that's appeared on any of my records. wack cylinders will be an attempt to "albumize" that sound, and will probably contain excerpts from live performances, studio re-creations of live improvisations, and other studio material loosely in that vein.

i've played variations of the material that became "doctor of love" at several shows over the years, with various text samples on top of the reversed singing stuff, but the live versions that got recorded always had some flaw or mistake that i didn't care for. this studio version uses some wrong-headed discussion of gay marriage (including the claim that lesbians choose to be gay because they were abused by men), which seemed appropriate as it came from the same source material where i got the "music" part.

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djempirical said...

very nice. i like it!