Saturday, July 07, 2007

things i'm psyched about part 2

mr. west - graduation

if this video and the video for "can't tell me nothing" are any indication, kanye has finally moved on from his signature sound of pitched-up samples from old soul songs. (instead, now he samples from daft punk! in fact, that's them wearing the shiny helmets in the video.) i think that's great, because while it was always obvious the man had talent, all those chipmunky soul samples sure got old after awhile. (if you like that stuff, don't worry, because the kanye imitators won't go away anytime soon.)

kanye has now "graduated" and is going by the name "mr. west", which i'm interpreting as a sign of him progressing from his old ways into some real next-level shiz. i'm prepared to be disappointed when the album actually drops next month, but for now i'm really looking forward to this, as the first two singles off the record have both really surprised me.

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