Tuesday, July 17, 2007

parts is parts handmade cds!

the first 10 handmade cd copies of parts is parts by animals within animals are now available.

i actually finished making these a month or two ago, but have been waiting until i could get them scanned before posting about it, both for posterity and so that potential buyers can see what they're buying (and select the copy of their choice from the available stock).

this cd release is limited and numbered. each disc is includes fully handmade packaging and a hand-decorated cd face, and is signed by the artist (in this case, me, but other members will someday make their own). cost for this first run is $10 each.

disc #10 has already been claimed, but discs #1-#9 are now available. check out the flickr set to see all the designs, and contact me to reserve your favorite... before someone else buys it!


Anonymous said...

These look great! Are the ones up for grabs collage? I mean are they the actual pasted together paper? Great work!

stAllio! said...

yes, they're all original collages, made the old-fashioned way with scissors and gluestick. (okay, maybe the gluestick isn't entirely old-fashioned.) the cd disc faces are also hand-decorated.