Wednesday, July 25, 2007

breakfast sandwiches

one of the perks (probably the best) of working freelance is making your own hours, so over the months i've managed to revert to my old college schedule: up until 2-3am, sleep until 11 or so.

but no longer. today, virago started her brand-new full-time day job, which is all-around good news, as it means our finances are going to get a lot more solid in the next few weeks. but because she doesn't have a driver's license, i will need to drive her to work every morning until we can move into a new place that is sufficiently close to the bus line that goes by her new office. (shockingly, there actually is a bus that runs by our current apartment, but it only runs once per day... at 11 p.m.! i can't comprehend how or why that is.)

hopefully we'll find a new place and start moving in within a few weeks, so i can go back to sleeping in. but on the bright side, until then i get to sample a bunch of breakfast sandwiches. you see, i love breakfast food. some of it i can make at home, or get at a local pancake house. but generally, fast-food breakfast sandwiches are only available during breakfast hours. (those frozen microwaveable replicas from aunt jemima don't quite compare.)

so normally i never get to eat fast-food breakfast because i'm not awake early enough. but now, if i'm going to be up and driving around at 8:30 anyway, i'm going to eat all the breakfast sandwiches i can get. so far i've just revisited the classics. the other day i stopped at mcdonald's for bacon egg & cheese biscuit and egg mcmuffin—the biscuit was good but the mcmuffin was not as good as i remembered it to be. this morning i stopped by hardee's (where i would generally never go for lunch or dinner, but their breakfasts are good) for another bacon egg & cheese biscuit. that was tasty. for future trips, i'm looking forward to trying the breakfast options at chick-fil-a and arby's. i've never had breakfast from either place. and the breakfasts at while castle promise to be interesting, at least.

so as moving day approaches, things might get pretty quiet here on the blog until we are set up in the new place (with new internet access). another reason i might be away-from-blog is because i just got beyond the sword, the new expansion pack for civilization iv... and so far it's awesome. not only are there great new features, but lots of little things have been tweaked to make the game look and work better than ever. when i bought my copy yesterday, the girl at the gamestop counter mentioned that some other customer had been in the day before looking for the game (when they didn't have it yet), but had decided not to reserve a copy. that person was now screwed, because that store had only received one copy of the game, which i was buying. sucks to be that guy... but there is a best buy down the street where he can go, so i don't feel too bad.


Unknown said...

the chick minis at chick fil a are pretty awesome I think

stAllio! said...

indeed, i had a chicken biscuit and that was probably tastier than the classic chick-fil-a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

that's one thing about being on a crash diet - i miss biscuits.

actually, i miss anything that doesn't involve mixing flavored powder into skim milk, carrot sticks and salad.

it's working, though. i can *almost* wear xl shirts again, and i had to punch an additional hole into my belt with a leather punch.

Wilson46201 said...

Chick Fil-A is run by a nutterball Christianist from Texas who keeps her stores closed on The Lords Day of Sunday.

Too much breakfast fast food is horribly heart-unhealthy. Cholesterol is the enemy of even spring chickens...