Saturday, July 07, 2007

things i'm psyched about part 1

M.I.A. - kala

while i have a copy of the 12" single for M.I.A.'s "galang", for some reason i'd never gotten around to checking out her first full-length, arular. that is, until i saw this video for "boyz", the first single from her upcoming second album, which got me all kinds of pumped up. now, arular will have to hold me over until kala comes out next month.

(these videos and more also downloadable from M.I.A.'s site)

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djempirical said...

she's on a track on timbaland's "shock value". it's cool, i like it. she's on one of missy's tracks from last year thats not as cool.

arular's tough, i like it a lot. you should also check out tigarah. she's a japanese rapper with a swedish (i think) producer using he same favela beats.