Thursday, November 30, 2006

nudebending redux

oneras-runwithme4, originally uploaded by stallio.

i've finished one of my big november editing projects, and the other one is delayed because of a problem with some of the code. so i had a bit of free time today, and decided to spend some of it databending nudes, which i hadn't done since september.

i have two new sets of nudebending: this set, including the photo shown here, and this set, which is probably not safe for work.

once again, i searched through flickr for appropriate cc-licensed photos to bend. this not only protects me legally, but it rewards those brave photographers who use creative commons licensing on their work. or at least, i'd like to think it rewards them. surely some people wouldn't like what i'm doing to their photos, but ioerror said he liked what i did last time, so that's promising.

of all the photographers who have cc-licensed nudes on flickr, ioerror has the most, and is probably the most consistent. i definitely intend to glitch more of his work in the future, but this time around i wanted to "reward" some other photographers. as paul said, it "really takes balls to post your nude photos online with a cc license" so give a big hand to Oneras and notarivs for their lovely source photos.


djempirical said...

you have an errant quotation mark in your link to the first set which breaks the link.

stAllio! said...

urg, thanks. fixed