Saturday, November 04, 2006

greenwood is the new texas

the city of greenwood hates sex:

Although it currently exists only in cyberspace, Mayor Charles Henderson launched a pre-emptive strike Friday afternoon against a business he says would sell sex toys in the heart of downtown.

A hastily called news conference at the Greenwood City Building set the stage for a showdown Monday night, when the City Council will attempt to further tighten an adult entertainment ordinance adopted in 1994.

At the heart of the debate is a Greenwood-based Web site called Me Yummy's that sells sexual toys and novelties.

Henderson said he is concerned that the company could open a shop in a vacant store on Main Street in Olde Town Greenwood -- the city's historic shopping district near several churches and a middle school.

"vacant" being the key word: downtown greenwood is struggling, but instead of welcoming new businesses that might bring in more revenue, the mayor wants to change the law to keep a new business out.

"We're not stepping on rights," Henderson said of his desire to keep the business from opening. "Let them go somewhere else. Our society has deteriorated enough. If we step on their rights, I don't think I'll even apologize for that."

first, henderson tries to deny that he's "stepping on rights". then he apparently realizes that everyone will know this is nonsense, and changes his statement to say that he doesn't care that he's infringing on their rights! nice mayor you've got there, greenwood.

in case you actually believe what they were saying yesterday, that the concern about this new shop is only because it is downtown, near churches and schools, the chief of police wants to set you straight:

Adult businesses must get a $500 adult business permit. Police Chief Joe Pitcher said no permits have been issued for such a business on Main Street.

"This is not just for this one location," Pitcher said. "We do not want them anywhere."

greenwood does not want your sex. of course, there's already at least one or two sex shops in greenwood—priscilla's and tasty's—and the rule change won't affect them. so, in light of chief pitcher's view that sex shops don't belong anywhere in greenwood, is the city going after them next?


Anonymous said...

I heard a comment on the news from a woman who owns a shop across the street from the potential location of the shop. The shopkeep (with bad grammar) stated that the shop would "ruin" her business. It made me laugh even though ignorance and intolerance is no laughing matter

I can't help but think why Tasty's and Pricilla's have not ruined the businesses of their retail neighbors in Castleton, the NW side, and Avon?

Maybe what people in Greenwood want is for people to not enjoy one of God's most pleasureable gifts: the gift of lovemaking and

Anonymous said...

I've heard that this woman wants to simply sell lingerie (like what can be commonly found at Victoria's Secret and Macy's)and other non-adult classified novelties. Are Macy's and Victoria Secret's lingerie departments crippling businesses around them?

Someone should look into this story more closely and dig to find the real truth behind what is starting to appear on the surface as a witch hunt.

What are they really afraid of in Greenwood? Are they afraid of wives and girlfriends in lingerie?