Wednesday, November 29, 2006

mighty, fallen, et cetera

what the hell is wrong with orson scott card? i legitimately liked ender's game, but lately he's degenerated into a right-wing wacko (and virulent homophobe).

and remember, not that long ago, when the only time you'd ever see the words "britney's crotch shots" was when you were cleaning out your email spam folder? who'da thunk that this phrase would turn up in an indy star headline? considering the events of the past couple years, i guess it's not all that surprising that britney is running around with no undies on, but it is a bit odd that i would learn about such things from the indy star website. of course, the star doesn't actually link to the photos; that would be a bit too much (see here and especially here for the extremely not-work-safe photos, if you dare).


Doug said...

Orson Scott Card is a big disappointment to me. Ordinarily I would not be aware of or care much about a fiction writer's politics. But, somehow Card has gotten a fair amount of publicity about his views, and I was more than a casual reader. I'd read and enjoyed most of what he'd written, particularly the first three Ender books but also the Alvin Maker series.

So, anyway, it was a little jarring to me when I found out we were at such opposite ends of the political spectrum, particularly with respect to foreign policy. I knew he was a Mormon, so I wasn't terribly surprised to be at odds with him on social policies.

I had a similar experience with Dennis Miller. Back in the 90s, I thought he was one of the funniest guys out there and believed I probably shared some of his political leanings. But, Miller was one of those guys who just seems to have pissed his pants and had his brain snap in reaction to 9/11. He seems to have run to the loudest voice promising safety, consequences be damned.

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