Wednesday, November 01, 2006

press-release journalism: it's what you crave

this story is funny, yes. and kind of cute... that too. but newsworthy?

White Castle honors Indy man's story
Star report
An Indianapolis man has been inducted into White Castle's Cravers Hall of Fame.

Thomas Walter of Indianapolis was one of 13 new members inducted earlier this month during a celebration at the hamburger chain's Cincinnati headquarters. The Hall of Fame was established in 2001 to single out and honor the most loyal White Castle customers who submit the best "crave stories".

Walter said when his granddaughter Kris'tianna was just two months old he discovered that the smell of White Castle hamburgers provided a sense of comfort and calmed her when she was upset. He tested his theory by taking the bag out of the room to see if she would cry, which she did every time.

Nearly 300 entries were considered for this year's contest.

White Castle owns and operates nearly 400 restaurants in the Midwest and Northeast.

my favorite part (other than the absurdity of this appearing in the paper at all) is how it says "earlier this month", yet the story is dated 11am this morning, november first.

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