Friday, November 10, 2006

frat boys sue borat

their frat has turned against them. they come off looking like racist, sexist jackasses in the hottest movie of the season. now two of the frat boys featured in the hilarious borat movie have filed suit.

according to the lawsuit, a production crew took them to a bar to get them drunk before filming. i'm skeptical, but even if it's true, the boys are claiming the mel gibson defense: i'm not really a bigoted chauvinistic asshole! i only said that stuff because i was drunk!

i don't know what they're trying to prove. the public didn't accept that excuse from gibson, a popular movie star, and they sure won't accept it from a bunch of south carolina frat boys.

in a way, i feel for them. they're probably the laughing stocks of their school, their frat is likely to discipline them (if not kick them out altogether), and after admitting on camera that they have no respect for women, they're unlikely to get laid anytime soon. but this is all their own fault. they knew they were being filmed, and still they made a slew of offensive comments about women and minorities. borat tricked them into letting their guard down, into showing their true faces to the world. borat didn't make them look bad; they did that to themselves. sucks to be them.

furthermore, their lawsuit only helps to further publicize the movie, generating still more buzz and assuring that even more people will go see the film this weekend. smart move, guys.


B0BBY V0MIT said...

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B0BBY V0MIT said...

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