Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sir hailstone cuts and runs

i had a feeling this would happen.

a few days ago, i profiled one of the most hateful, libelous bloggers in all of indiana: sir hailstone. using lots of examples, i documented that hailstone was a volunteer for the dickerson campaign who was spreading lies and hate-filled rhetoric directed against julia carson. we'll probably never know whether he was operating with dickerson's approval, though i have my suspicions.

i wondered what would happen to his blog after dickerson lost the election, since its only real purpose seemed to be libeling julia carson and other democrats. it turns out my suspicions were correct: he has effectively deleted his blog. all his old posts are gone, replaced by the equivalent of a "goodbye cruel world" post, blasting the country and the state for voting democrat. he's also disabled comments.

you can still see some of the blog in the google cache, but only the front page. if the archive pages are cached, i'm not sure how to locate them. (any tips would be appreciated.)

hailstone has turned up a couple times today in comments at advance indiana, but i have a feeling he won't be sticking around there for long, considering that he felt he had to "hold his nose" through all of gary's "gay rhetoric". does this mean we won't have sir hailstone to kick around anymore?

it would be nice to think that my exposé had something to do with hailstone's disappearance, but it probably didn't. he most likely would've deleted it regardless. after all, dickerson can't keep on pretending that he ran a clean race with all that evidence lying around...


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that homophobe. If he didn't share Gary's disgust for Julia Carson, he would sell him down the river for being a "queer"

Wilson46201 said...

Gary and the Eric Miller crowd certainly make quite the GOP tag team nowadays!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a mention about this blog on TDW. Didn't know it even existed.

Have to say, Gary's AI blog is a disgrace. He's a guy who started out with a well written blog that had so much potential to be a real voice in our community; but then he turned it into nothing but a hate-fest for anything Democratic, especially trashing Julia, Melina, the Mayor, etc. I had no idea before he began blogging about what kind of a person he is. It's dissapointing, for certain, and troubling that such misinformation and trash-talk is so easily thrown out there these days as a 'blog', and that some people may believe what's being written.

Anonymous said...

3:29, what the hell do you think TDW is??? There's a hate-fest. AI isn't nearly as bad as that garbage!!